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If you noticed that your child has developed cavities, you may be wondering what options are there for making sure their oral health stays in good condition. Based on their needs, your dentist may recommend dental sealants, fluoride treatment, or a combination of both. But, which method is the most effective in treating and preventing your child’s cavities? 

Let’s find out! 

What Are They?

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating that is applied on the surface of the teeth to protect them and prevent decay. The sealant gets into the tiny gaps and crevices that are naturally present on the teeth’s surface, bonds with them, and forms a protective shield. 

Fluoride treatments can come in various forms, such as varnish, gel, or even foam. Its purpose is to restore the minerals in your teeth’ enamel and help them fight cavities. 

How Do They Differ?

At first sight, these treatments might seem similar, but there is research out there that shows that dental sealants are actually more effective at protecting against tooth decay than fluoride treatment alone. 

The study looked at nearly 1.800 children, aged between 5 and 10 years old, who received either one of the two treatments or both. While the researchers found that dental sealants are more effective, the study also showed that when combined, the effectiveness of these methods increases significantly. Applying a dental sealant together with a fluoride varnish can reduce tooth decay by almost 14.5% for two years compared to using fluoride treatment alone. 

What Are the Benefits?

As you can see, both methods have their benefits and can offer improved results when used together. Dental sealants cover your teeth in a protective coat that makes it more difficult for harmful bacteria to attack the enamel. And, fluoride is essential to your oral health with one study finding that children and teens who receive at least one fluoride treatment per year are 43% less likely to develop cavities 

Why Preventive Care Is Important?

While both dental sealants and fluoride treatments can help you protect your teeth, they cannot actually stop decay from penetrating deeper into the inner layers of your teeth. That’s why getting these treatments doesn’t mean you are done seeing the dentist for a couple of years. Preventive care is more effective than anything and you should see your dentists regularly, at least every six months, and whenever you think it’s necessary. 

Let Us Take Care of Your Oral Health

At McCue Dental Health, we offer a wide array of services, but our focus is on preventive dentistry and our goal is to make our patients return to our office with a smile on their faces. 

If you want to become part of the McCue Dental Health family, get in touch with us now and schedule your appointment. 

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