Teeth Whitening in Wauwatosa

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth go through a lot, and over time they tend to become stained and yellowed. The natural aging process, as well as the consumption of darkly-colored beverages and foods like coffee, wine, and tea,  can all contribute to our smiles becoming dull and discolored. If your teeth are stained and you want to smile more brightly, teeth whitening from McCue Dental Health may be just what you need.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Though there are hundreds of teeth whitening products on the market and available over-the-counter, McCue Dental Health uses professional-grade whitening agents to restore your smile.

Professional whitening products use peroxides, which are highly-volatile oxygen compounds, that react violently when they contact an organic stain found on the enamel of your teeth. This reaction breaks the chemical bond that holds the stain on your tooth, removing it and brightening the enamel as a result. By doing so, these compounds can treat almost any external tooth stain.

Understanding The Process – In-Office And Take-Home Whitening

We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening. Both of these services offer similar results, but in-office whitening will give you the desired results a bit more quickly.

During an in-office whitening procedure, Dr. McCue will start by cleaning and polishing your teeth. Then, a protective solution is applied to your gums, and he will “paint” a high-strength whitening compound onto your teeth. An ultraviolet (UV) light is used to excite the oxygen molecules, further enhancing its whitening power. After this, you’ll rinse away the whitening compound and your smile will be brighter and whiter. This process typically takes about an hour.

Take-home teeth whitening provides more gradual results, which some patients prefer because it is more subtle and natural-looking.  For this treatment, Dr. McCue will take dental impressions of your teeth in order to create customized whitening trays that are designed to fit perfectly around your teeth. You’ll take these trays home and fill them with a clinical-grade whitening gel. After just a few weeks, your smile will be up to 10 shades whiter!  

The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment for several reasons:

  • Affordable – Teeth whitening, compared to most other cosmetic treatments, is very affordable and efficient.
  • Non-invasive – Your treatment will be completely non-invasive and requires no drills, needles, or any other dental tools.
  • Restores self-confidence – Stained, yellowed teeth can make you look older and feel less confident. With a single whitening treatment, you can reverse years of tooth stains.


Schedule Your Appointment Today – Restore Your Smile!

If you’re interested in teeth whitening in Wauwatosa, schedule an appointment with Dr. McCue right away. In just a single treatment, you can restore your smile and feel better about how you look. Take a look at some of our before & after photos, and see some of the results that our patients have achieved with our teeth whitening services.

To schedule your appointment, contact us at (414) 456-1091, or come to our office at 10625 West North Avenue, Suite 300, Wauwatosa, WI 53226. We hope to see you soon!



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