Dental Fillings in Wauwatosa

(Composite Restorations)

What is a composite filling?

Composite is an esthetic material used to replace missing tooth structure if a tooth is broken or after tooth decay is removed. Composite is composed of various size particles of glass or ceramic in a resin matrix that can accurately match the shade of most teeth. The main advantage of this type filling is not only its esthetics but that it is adhesively bonded to the tooth which may allow for a smaller amount of tooth to be removed in order to place it. There is typically no need to remove additional tooth structure to place retentive features into a cavity preparation for composite as is required to place amalgam fillings. Composite can also bond to itself which allows it to be repaired if a small amount is chipped. As with any filling material, the smaller the size of the filling, the more predictably it can be placed and the longer it will last. This is why at McCue Dental Health, our Wauwatosa dentists are proactive about identifying tooth decay in its early stages to treat problems in the the least complicated and most cost effective way. Call us today to learn more!

Dr. McCue has experience placing all types of fillings and after hands on research he has decided not to place amalgam fillings at McCue Dental Health. 

How Do Fillings Work?

Fillings are the most effective way to eliminate cavities and restore your oral health. They’re appropriate for minor-to-moderate tooth decay, though very large cavities may require an alternative treatment like a dental crown.

The way dental fillings work is simple. They replace your decayed tooth material and restore the appearance of your tooth, as well as its structural integrity. First, the tooth is trimmed to remove any remaining decay.

Then, once it has been trimmed, the filling material is placed directly into the cavity, “filling” the tooth. As more material is applied layer-by-layer, the filling reshapes the tooth and restores the hole in your enamel.

Not only that, but dental fillings also help prevent further tooth decay and damage. By eliminating and replacing all of the infected enamel, Dr. Shaun McCue eliminates the risk of further tooth decay. As long as you continue to brush and floss regularly and see the team at McCue Dental Health for six-month teeth cleanings and oral exams in Wauwatosa, the decay won’t come back.

Does It Hurt To Get A Dental Filling?

No. Dental fillings don’t hurt at all. Dr. McCue only has to remove a small amount of tooth material from the outside of your tooth, so the process is minimally invasive. Dr. McCue and our Wauwatosa dental team will also numb your mouth before any drilling begins, which means you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

After your filling, you may experience a little bit of tenderness, sensitivity, and minor tooth pain for a few days, but this is normal and should fade quickly. However, if your tooth continues to hurt, you may need to come back for a follow-up.

Tooth pain after a filling usually happens if the filling does not fit into your bite properly. If this happens, a lot of strain is put on the tooth, which inflames the periodontal ligament connecting it to your gums, causing discomfort. To fix this issue, Dr. McCue can simply trim the filling slightly to ensure it fits perfectly.

What Can I Expect From The Dental Filling Process?

The process of getting a dental filling takes a single 30-60 minute appointment at McCue Dental Health. To begin the process, your mouth will be thoroughly cleaned and the treatment area will be sprayed with local anesthetic, and numbed with a needle.

Once your mouth is numb, Dr. McCue will begin preparing your tooth for the filling. He will use a dental drill to clean away all of the damaged and decayed material from your tooth, exposing fresh enamel that is healthy and strong.

Next, he will select a composite filling material that matches the shade of the surrounding tooth structure, and apply it to the cavity layer-by-layer, hardening and shaping each layer to replace the damaged enamel. When the overall shape and size of the filling looks good, he will check your bite using a special type of paper, and then trim and refine the filling to ensure it fits into your bite properly.

Finally, your tooth will be polished to ensure the filling looks perfect, and you’ll be sent home to enjoy your newly-restored tooth. Call us today!



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