Dental Fillings in Wauwatosa

(Composite Restorations)

What is a composite filling?

Composite is an esthetic material used to replace missing tooth structure if a tooth is broken or after tooth decay is removed. Composite is composed of various size particles of glass or ceramic in a resin matrix that can accurately match the shade of most teeth. The main advantage of this type filling is not only its esthetics but that it is adhesively bonded to the tooth which may allow for a smaller amount of tooth to be removed in order to place it. There is typically no need to remove additional tooth structure to place retentive features into a cavity preparation for composite as is required to place amalgam fillings. Composite can also bond to itself which allows it to be repaired if a small amount is chipped. As with any filling material, the smaller the size of the filling, the more predictably it can be placed and the longer it will last. This is why at McCue Dental Health we are proactive about identifying tooth decay in its early stages to treat problems in the the least complicated and most cost effective way.

Dr. McCue has experience placing all types of fillings and after hands on research he has decided not to place amalgam fillings at McCue Dental Health.



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