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Are you wondering if you can have your teeth whitened in Wauwatosa if you have sensitive teeth? If teeth whitening causes sensitivity? Or if there are any steps you can take to help with sensitivity after your treatment? Read on to get answers to these FAQs and many more from McCue Dental Health

Does Teeth Whitening Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Yes. It’s common to experience sensitivity after your teeth whitening treatment. Dentists are still not absolutely sure what causes this, but the leading theory has to do with “dentinal microtubules.” These are microscopic channels in your teeth that connect the outer surfaces to the nerves inside your tooth, and help you feel sensations when you eat and chew. 

Teeth whitening products weaken your teeth slightly when used, and it’s thought that this may expose the microtubules in your teeth, leading them to feel much more sensitive to pressure, hot and cold, and other sensations.

This would also explain why sensitivity doesn’t usually last very long. As you brush after whitening, fluoride in your toothpaste helps strengthen your teeth again, restoring the minerals lost due to teeth whitening. This, in turn, will eliminate tooth sensitivity. 

How Long Does Sensitivity Last After Whitening?

This depends on the patient. Most people will only experience heightened sensitivity for a few days after they complete their whitening treatment. However, people who are more prone to teeth sensitivity may experience discomfort for a longer period of time, up to 1-2 weeks in some cases. 

Can I Get Teeth Whitening If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Yes. However, you should discuss your sensitivity with Dr. McCue beforehand. Your teeth may be sensitive due to an undiagnosed dental issue, but even if they are healthy, Dr. McCue may adjust your whitening treatment to accommodate you.

For example, he may recommend a lower peroxide product for in-office or at-home whitening, and whiten your teeth more gradually. This will help reduce feelings of sensitivity, and keep you comfortable during your treatment. 

How Can I Deal With Sensitivity After Whitening?

First, make sure you brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen your teeth. You may even want to switch to Sensodyne or a similar anti sensitivity toothpaste. This can help with your discomfort. Fluoride rinses are also helpful for strengthening and cleaning your teeth. 

You may also want to avoid using electric toothbrushes that vibrate, and may want to switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush, which will be more gentle on your teeth and gums and will help you avoid discomfort. 

Finally, you should also avoid very hot or cold foods for a few days after whitening if your teeth feel sensitive. These tend to make sensitivity worse and cause more discomfort. 

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