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Dental implants in Wauwatosa can be a great option for restoring one or more missing teeth. Not sure if this restorative treatment is right for you? Read on, and learn about a few of the reasons that you may want to consider a dental implant from McCue Dental Health. 

  1. If You Have A Severely Damaged Or Decayed Tooth

In some cases, it may not be possible to treat a seriously damaged or decayed tooth with a filling, root canal, or dental crown. If Dr. Shaun McCue does not believe that it’s possible to treat your tooth with these treatments, or if one of them has already failed, it may be a good idea to have your tooth extracted and replaced with a long-lasting, durable, natural-looking implant.

  1. If You’ve Lost One Or More Teeth

Dental implants are a great option if you’ve already lost one or more teeth, particularly if you lost a tooth relatively recently. Dental implants should be placed within a year of tooth loss, as this ensures the jaw bone is strong enough for an implant. 

Implants can be placed after a year, but this may require additional bone grafting surgery to strengthen the jaw, which adds to the expense and time of the treatment, so getting implants sooner rather than later is always a better choice. 

  1. If You Can’t Wear Or Don’t Want To Wear Partial Dentures

Some patients can’t wear dentures due to discomfort or a strong gag reflex. Or, you may want a more long-lasting alternative to partial dentures, which usually last only 3-7 years. Dental implants can be used to restore one or more missing teeth throughout your mouth, so they’re a good alternative. 

  1. If You’d Prefer To Avoid A Dental Bridge & Trimming Of Healthy Teeth

Dental bridges are more natural and comfortable than partial dentures, and they last longer. But they require you to have healthy teeth trimmed to accommodate dental crowns, in most cases, and this process is not reversible. 

If you don’t like that idea, or you would prefer to avoid traditional dental bridges for any other reason, you should definitely consider dental implants as an alternative. Implants can be placed without trimming any teeth, and can replace one, two, or more adjacent missing teeth. 

  1. If You Want To Keep Your Jawbone Strong & Prevent Deterioration

The most unique benefit of dental implants compared to partial dentures and dental bridges is that it keeps your jawbone strong and healthy. Implants, just like natural teeth, help stimulate your jaw bone when you chew and bite, which prevents post-tooth loss bone resorption. This, in turn, keeps your jaw healthy and strong, and prevents changes in your facial structure and appearance.

Think Dental Implants May Be Right For You? Contact McCue Dental Health Today!

Dental implants are an ideal method for replacing missing teeth in Wauwatosa. Want to see if you’re a good candidate and explore your options for tooth replacement in further detail? Get in touch with the team at McCue Dental Health today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shaun McCue. You can contact us online or give us a call at (414) 456-1091 to get started.


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